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IN this MandalaBlog I want to join you through the world of the Mandala. The word ‘Mandala’ is a word that is used in India in the laguage Sanskrite. It means: circle.
The mandala is the most balanced form of life. It stand for circle, university, it is a cosmic eitempera danka 1b Ksymbol. All over the world, mandalas are knowned. You see them in Tibet, (Buddhism & Hinduism) in Japan, by the Indians as Medicine wheels and in Egypt. The mandala is a magic form, based on the Flower of Life as we know it from Geometric matrixes. They are often related to archetypical symbols, such as dreams and known in the books of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung (Jungian Psychology).

Woman are using the circle of Life all the time, it is a symbol that they know about in their own body. As they barry a child, they protect it in their body and keep it safe.In my workshops in drawing mandala’s, we work with the Circle too. Then it has become  a safe place to express ourself. It gives peolple (woman and man) the possibility to explore their inner soul, to expand their creativity. As in Mandala Art (theTempera painting above) we use also the beauty of the painting in itself as a tribute to the wholeness of the centered image.

To use the form of the closed circle make you feel whole, respected, in12 DANKA K - pasfto balance. Also when you know that there is much more work to do, by using the circle as a blueprint of your life, you feel comfortable and in touch with yourself, the earth and the university. Therefore it is very important that we learn about the power that is hidden in mandala’s.
As Dr. Carl Gustav Jung said: mandala’s are mirrors of the soul, they express the inner life and thinking, the awareness and independece of people.So I ask you to go with me on a wonderfull yourney, it will cost you no money, it will cost you your commitment to try out for 100%.

Exercise I

Lets start with a very simple form: the circle itself.
*  Make the circle visible and touchable by turning your hand around in the field of your stomach.
* Feel how the wheel is turning, try both sides, clockwise and to the left. Do it five times to both sides.
* Feel what is better for you, what feels comfortable, pretty.

Exercise II

* Take a paper and drawing pencil and do the same as before but now you hold your pencil above the paper. Don’t touch, let it go around above the paper.
* As soon as you can hold that good feeling, you bring the pencil down on the paper and draw the circle in one move and again and again, make the circle round and strong. You can repeat as long as you want.

Exercise III

*  Draw another circle, make sure that the circle is strong enough.SCAN207-2
*  Than you let your pencil go inside and make waves to the other side of your circle, get in touch with the circle and return to the other side, back and forward, as the waves from the sea.
*  Let it flow… and if you are sure that you have enough waves, you can colour them.

Make your mandala as beautiful as you can, for this is the first step and contact that you have with your inner soul.

Have a good time with your first mandala in balance!

Dear greetings,



About dhdakini

I am Danka Husken. I grounded the Educatief Mandala Institute. It is my biggest desire to bring creativity back into your life. I teach you about your potential power and the possibility to chance your life. I, therefore, use the tools of drawing Mandalas, research and Numerology, bringing creativity and insight into your mind.
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  1. Great start dear Danka! Congratulations! Really nice to read you in English. Lots of love x

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