My Bookpresentation on 11 October 2013 and following news

BookpresentationOn the 11th of October I had a Bookpresentation in the Dominicanen Klooster at Huissen, which was visited by nearly 50 persons! I was so glad to see so many people who liked the idea of the Mandala and its creativity! The presentation was about my newest book: Basisboek symbolen in de mandala. This book retails the importance of symboles which are used by my students in their mandala’s. The beauty of symbols that they create is related to their own consciousness and believes, their interests and their culture. So if we look for symbols, we are looking for

  • culture
  • dream and vision
  • awareness
  • believes
  • education

In those areas we will find the most important information about who we are, what we think, how we handle and how we create. At this time we are aware about the importance of our thinking mood. Can we think creative and go for the success of our own believes or are they standing in our way to create our ‘new world’?  We have to think it over and over again to get hold on our believes that can bring us further on in our lives.

As we draw mandala’s, we can every time examine our believes with attention, see what is right for us or what is staying for us and holding us back from what we really want or what we realy are: humand beings with the power of creativity. It is time to see that our creativity is the most important tool that we can use to give our lives new glance, new Danka presents her newest bookinput, new power.
We all need to implementate creativity in our lives again and to give the example to our children how to do so.

I wish you all inspiration to bring back your creativity into your life and to help others to do so. Because: withhout creativity, there is no future, no powerfull thinking, no new insight. This time asks from all of us to follow new ways and destinations. Come along and make your choice: it is up to you!

Want to go for a Winterweek?
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About dhdakini

I am Danka Husken. I grounded the Educatief Mandala Institute. It is my biggest desire to bring creativity back into your life. I teach you about your potential power and the possibility to chance your life. I, therefore, use the tools of drawing Mandalas, research and Numerology, bringing creativity and insight into your mind.
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