Mandala News about the last Presentation on Chakra’s West and East and Mandalacoaching

On October the 3rd I gave a presentation on Chakra’s Wester and Easter model.
I loved to do so in the Dominicanenklooster at Huissen NL, as it is my place to work with people in Winter- and Summerweeks and now also in the Pinksterweekend. It is a very special place to me: spiritual, moving, to meditate and to draw mandala’s as we do.

On 3 october, we saw how chakra’s help us to grow in our life and how colours and meditation helps us to be more the person we want tto be or could be. The powerfull action from the Western models of chakra’s against the meditation chakra’s, drawn on black paper, who invites us to go insight.

You will never be the same you were before, by working with chakra’s

Do you want to know more? Please let me know and I will see what I can do for you.

IMG_1127 - De Chakra Kunstenaars!CHAKRA 7-Osf b



Foto's: Josephine Sterk - assistant



Foto’s: Josephine Sterk, assistant


About dhdakini

I am Danka Husken. I grounded the Educatief Mandala Institute. It is my biggest desire to bring creativity back into your life. I teach you about your potential power and the possibility to chance your life. I, therefore, use the tools of drawing Mandalas, research and Numerology, bringing creativity and insight into your mind.
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